PIAS - Engineering

In the field of process automation we offer a top engineering. We guarantee this through our many years of professional experience and "know how" from a variety of projects in various industries and fields.

Our engineering department is divided depending on the tasks and requirements in the following areas.


The realization of a process automation starts with a good documentation. We prepare these according to requirements using common tools and methods, thus creating the basis for the subsequent development in software and or hardware.


Our engineers have a wide range of know-how which includes the full range of today's control systems. Their experience brings together the knowledge on how to deal with older controllers as well as the handling of the latest tools of the manufacturers in the automation industry. The systems fall deeper and deeper into the different levels. Therefore, a familiarity with the various possibilities and the resulting tasks will always be central. Above all, it is also the experience, which is the basis to realize more complex control solutions - or - even to make older systems compatible for today's requirements.

Automation Hardware

We are vendor independent and provide based on the customer requirements and documentation aligned to the specific project points the required hardware equipment. This components are - whenever possible - set up in house and tested in advance of the project - startup.