Gorilla ® The ingenious remote control system


With the Gorilla-App Opens external link in new windowSiemens Simatic PLCs can be accessed and controlled. Depending on the configuration menus can be selected, functions selected and relevant process data can be watched. Gorilla extends the functionality of your smartphone and provides a mobile interface to your process.

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Gorilla® is a registered trade mark.


The Components

The system is in the simplest form at least one controller (Smartphone + Gorilla app) and at least one Siemens Simatic control with configured interface (Gorilla interface).


Gorilla is a smartphone - application for operating, monitoring and control functions for process control.

Operating - HMI
                      Process data

You can store any number of configurations, so the application can be used with multiple controls, different tasks and in different places. When geolocation is enabled Gorilla automatically selects on location changes the connection to the configured control on the current site. Smart - with this feature, the user always receives the correct connection and from this control only the relevant features and information depending on site. 


Scan new configuration

     Geolocation of the 

PLC-Control with Gorilla - Interface

The Gorilla app communicates over the defined interface (Gorilla - Interface) with the controller. Via this interface, commands and data are exchanged. The Gorilla-APP is in terms of communication, the active part., The optics, the behavior and the possible functions and data will be determined by the PLC program with the appropriate requirement. Communication with the controller is implemented using the (WiFi, 3G / GPRS) TCP / IP interface. 

The Gorilla - interface can be associated with any PLC program. This open many individual options. Whether. On a new controller / system or as a retrofit to an existing control / system.

Overview of functions

Generally, the Gorilla-concept is a simple but highly flexible "Remote Control System" and is ideal for functions such as:

  • Operator Interface (HMI / SCADA)
  • menu control 
  • Functions on / off - enable / disable 
  • Change parameters
  • Representation of process data


 The possibilities are endless - we invite you to try Gorilla easy and now!

You can get an idea of the functionality immediately. Opens external link in new windowLoad the App from the App Store, conect it with our Opens internal link in current windowDemo - Kit and start testing the handling. You get a first impression of the many possibilities. 

For developers is the interface available.
We refer to our Opens external link in new windowforum and would appreciate if there the issues are discussed extensively.