S7Scout - the app for the specialist

With the App a Siemens Simatic PLC can be accessed to read or write data on it. Flags, data blocks, inputs and outputs can be registered in the variable table by the operator in the usual syntax and than be observed. For each variable, the display format can be changed individually, what makes the data analysis easier.

Below you will find an overview of present menus and functions.

You can convince yourself with the functionality of S7Scout immediately after downloading, allowing you to connect to our test-PLC and read data or change there. 

Host: plc.pias-online.de
SAP: 03.02


Overview of functions

Setting the connection parameters

Communication with the controller takes place via TCP / IP (RFC1006). The connection parameters needed are the host name or IP address of the PLC and the TSAP. Than the connection can be tested.


Nach Verbindungsaufbau werden Informationen aus der SPS ausgelesen und können angezeigt und ausgewertet werden.


Bild: Panel - Settings
Specify connection settings
Bild: Panel - PLC
Status overview of the connected PLC


Listing of the available blocks in the PLC.

Diagnostic Buffer

List of events stored in the PLC.

Bild: Panal - PLC
Lost of blocks
Bild: Panel - PLC
Indication of the diagnostics buffer

Function: Date / Time

Show date of PLC compared to the iPhone and use as needed.

Add Variables

Variables which are to be observed can here freely defined and added to the watch list - according to the S7-Syntax

Bild: Panel - PLC
Date / Time show - set
Bild: Panal - Observe
Add variables to the watch list.

Change format and / or value

The format of the presentation of the data can be defined according to the types available. In this mask, the values ​​can also be set and overwrite new.

Watch list of variables

List of variables to be monitored in the selected format. The update and display of data - automatically every reading - cycle.
Bild: Panel - Observe
Format- and Value Definition 
Bild: Panel - Observe
Cyclic representation of variable list

Application Information

General info and directions about the application.

Bild: Panel - Info